E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing has had a very similar history as blogging. It started hot, then cooled off, and now it's on fire. Why is e-mail marketing back with a vengeance? The answer is simple. It's highly cost-effective. You are advertising to an audience that you've already had at least one touchpoint. From now on, there is no cost other than time and possibly a fee to the e-mail service provider like Mailchimp or Active Campaigns.

You should always have two e-mails campaigns going on at the same time. One campaign should be to provide something of value in exchange for your prospect's e-mail address. It can be an e-book, a PDF, or even a piece of company SWAG. The goal is to capture the e-mail address to begin a drip campaign about you can solve their problems.

There are plenty of automated e-mail campaigns we suggest you begin with a nurturing campaign or what you can call a "Know, Like, Trust" campaign. Here is a simple example of a month-long campaign. Week 1 - Get To Know Us. Week 2 - Get To Like Us. Week 3 - Get To Trust Us. Week 4 - Sales E-mail with a call to action.

Each week you can address a problem, explain how to solve the problem and how their life will be improved after you help them solve the problem. You are softly reminding them that if they are ever in need of what you have to offer, they how to reach you.

You may be worried about those that click on the unsubscribe button. Don't be. They weren't going to be a client anyway, and now your list is even more targeted. And since the e-mail campaign services charge by the number of contacts, the more tightly focused your list is, the less your costs will be.


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